Sponsor a horse

When you sponsor a WHINNY horse, you choose to play a role in its recovery and rehabilitation by donating money each month to its care . WHINNY is committed to its horses and your sponsorship helps us continue to be so. A sponsorship of $25.00 a month can make a difference. 100% of your money will be used on the horse of your choice. Your support of our organization is important to us.

If you choose to sponsor a horse, you can use the button above. Please specify which horse you would like to sponsor, otherwise we will choose one for you. Thank you!


If sponsoring and/or volunteering are not something you want to participate in , you can still help our horses by donating cash to their care or donating products toward their care. New or used product donations are always welcome. We "recycle" your no longer used barn supplies by putting them to good use in our barn. We never have enough halters, lead ropes, buckets, and feed pans. Do you have any unused garden hose? We're always replacing ours. What about salt brick holders or old wheelbarrows & feed carts standing around or stored somewhere that we could put to good use. That old saying, " One man's junk is another man's treasure." Well it's true! We treasure every product donation.


It is hard work running any rescue The list of chores are endless but with the help of good volunteers no one has to suffer the burden of doing it all by themselves. No job is too small or any less important than another. They all have to be done. Even if you volunteer one hour a day, that's an hour spent doing something worthwhile for a horse in need. Make one day out of the week a family project day and volunteer the whole family to help clean stalls, wash water buckets or groom horses. Contact WHINNY Horse Rescue and schedule a time. info@whinnyhorserescue.org

If you have a chance before you come for the first time, please download and print a liability waiver.